Hearts of Palm provides not-for-profit organizations with long-term meal program solutions.

We strongly believe in working collaboratively with our clients to create meal programs tailored to their needs. If you are currently evaluating your present meal program to identify if any changes or improvements should be made to provide your organization with healthy and fresh varied meals in a cost effective manner, you have found your tailored solution. We have experience working with not-for-profit organizations like yours to develop cost effective meal programs.

You first provide us with your vision of the ideal meal program for your organization. We then work jointly to create a meal program that meets not only federal and state nutritional requirements but also the requirements of your organization body. Once the meal program is developed and approved, we take care of the rest! Nutritious meals will be delivered to your organization at appropriate times seven days a week at a per individual cost within your budget. We pride ourselves on being dependable and we strive to be viewed as being part of your team and part of the success of your organization.

For more information, please contact Mark at 786-362-6268